A week-end in London

Written by Jane Finch

(Site last checked on 18th July 2004)


(While this webquest is written to be followed in English, if used in KS3 the final element could be a presentation in French for the benefit of the family.)

Used in KS2 it could be used to provide a stimulus for QCA ICT module 6D.  Using the Internet to search large databases and to interpret information.


The Cartier family from Paris is planning a weekend break in London.  Your task, as a group, is to plan an itinerary that will take account of all their interests.  The family consists of Jean, aged 15 years, Sophie, aged 8 years, and their parents Alain and Claudette.  Alain and Claudette both speak very good English and will be able to follow your plans easily.  Jean has a basic grasp of the language and Sophie is just starting to learn it.  The whole weekend should not cost more than £500.


After researching the possibilities for tourists in London, you will plan the family’s long weekend (Friday to Tuesday).  You will need to research a range of topics including transport, tourist sites, entertainment, accommodation and weather.  The family do not mind whether they travel to England by air or sea.

Your group will need to incorporate individual interests and desires into the plans so that each member of the family is satisfied.  There will probably need to be some compromise!

How will the family get to London?

Where will they stay?

What clothing would you suggest they pack?

What will the trip cost the family?

How far is London from their home?

What is the currency rate?

What will the family’s daily schedule be?



You will be assigned to a group of 4 or 5 students.  You will be playing the role of the travel agents who have been contacted by the Cartier family to organise their trip.  Within the group you will need to identify:

  • the travel consultants, who will make all the travel arrangements and book the accommodation
  • the entertainment consultants who will plan the daily itinerary.

You will need to study and research all aspects of London as a tourist destination.  Your task is to create the ‘perfect’ weekend for the family.

Alain (father) enjoys sports and would really like to see Arsenal play, if possible. 

Claudette (mother) enjoys museums and art galleries and is keen to visit the new Tate Gallery in Greenwich.

Jean (15) also loves sport of any description, but at home he plays ice hockey for a local team.

Sophie (8) enjoys amusement parks and shopping. She has singing and dance lessons at home and is desperate to see a show at the theatre.


Entertainment consultants:
Begin by making a list of all the possible activities you might plan for the family.  Use the Internet and paper-based materials to form an initial plan.  Talk to the Travel Consultants so that you know where the family will be staying and how they will be travelling.  Remember that the family is only in London for a long weekend – they don’t want to spend hours travelling from one place to another.


Travel consultants:

  • Consult timetables and hotel information via the Internet and using brochures.

  • Try to give the family good value for money on their journey.

  • Give them a number of different options for travel so that they can choose the one that suits them best.

  • Talk to the Entertainment consultant before making a final choice of accommodation so that the family is located close to some of the activities planned for them.

  • Remember that the family is only in London for a long weekend. They don’t want to spend hours travelling from one place to another.


Keep a record of the materials you use.

Create a presentation that will outline the options you have decided would best suit the family’s requirements.  This could take the form of a PowerPoint presentation, a brochure published in Word or another word processor, a slide show with spoken commentary, or some other form.  You may want to use maps, charts, photographs or other graphics as well as the factual information you have gathered.  Your options should be fully costed so that the family can make an informed choice.  Your group will make a presentation to the class.


Lonely Planet Guide to London Railtrack timetable database Keith Prowse Entertainment Travel London hotels
Travel Supermarket London Walks  P and O Stena Ferries  Tate Modern
London Transport Information Arsenal Football Club Official Site  London Knights Ice Hockey Team Official Site Currency converter

You may have access to other materials as well e.g.

P and O Stena ferries brochure             London What’s On             B A brochure

Various London guide books



You will be given a group mark for this project.  You will need to complete the whole task between you.  You may need to help each other out in order to keep to the deadlines we have set.  It is necessary for all members of the group to put all possible effort into this project.

What are we looking for?
A - Excellent B - Good C - Fair D - Poor E - No effort
A clearly presented schedule for the family which incorporates their wishes and gives reasonable alternatives where compromise has been required A well presented schedule for the family that provides some alternatives for them to chose from A schedule for the weekend A family schedule which makes no attempt to cater for the wishes of the family No evidence of team work to fulfil the task
A sensibly presented set of alternatives for travel and accommodation which fit the family’s budget A set of alternatives for travel and accommodation that fit the family’s budget Some travel and accommodation options Unreasonable travel options, which do not take account of the daily itinerary No evidence of team work to fulfil the task
A good presentation which sets out all the suggestions in a clear manner A clear presentation, setting out the options A presentation of the options A muddled presentation No evidence of team work to fulfil the task
Evidence of team work in fulfilling the task Clear evidence of team work in fulfilling the task Evidence of team work in fulfilling the task Some evidence of team work in fulfilling the task No evidence of team work to fulfil the task



Remember you are responsible for planning the Cartier’s holiday.  You will need to consider each family member’s interests.  Everyone needs to have a good time.  It is important to use all the resources available to you and all your creativity to produce the most exciting proposal you can.  Have fun.