The Task

Quite simply - find out as much as you can about Edith from the evidence we have, particularly the contents of her travelling case!

There are a number of photographs, which have been digitally re-coloured from the original sepia prints.

You will need diagrams of some of the items to explain more clearly to Aunt Lucy what the things in Edith's case were, and what they were used for.  We can find only one diagram, but you can draw some more with the help of your research.

There are quite a few links to useful websites in the "Process" section.  These should give you some background information about the time she was alive.


To get an idea of what Edith was like, you need  evidence from the following sources

  • Photos of Edith's possessions found on the train.
  • Books from the library if you can't identify some of her possessions.
  • Information to help decide if she was ill - she had what we think was an inhaler, and some medicines?
  • Pictures of clothing worn at the time - was she rich or poor for example?
  • Information on the sort of jobs women were allowed to have in those days.  They were very much more restricted in Victorian times.


As part of your work you can produce a multimedia presentation using PowerPoint (or a similar program) - the photos would look good on screen and would provide excellent evidence for your Aunt Lucy to keep.

Before you go too far, check with your teacher if you are unsure how you are to present the rest of your work.  No point going off on the "wrong track" (Ho ho!) and having to do it all again.