Each member of the group will be expected to contribute to the final presentation, and it will be assessed by both teacher and class-mates.  The criteria for evaluating the project will be decided by your teacher, but will probably be very much like this: (Your teacher will explain anything you don't understand).

1. Group co-operation.

2. Organization of material.

3. Completion of all assignments.

4. Quality of reasoning, and skill in making use of evidence.

5. Evidence that information has been processed to make it suitable for showing Aunt Lucy.

6. Written work shows clear purpose and organization, is well presented and grammatically accurate.

7. Multimedia presentation is imaginative and exciting, but still detailed and factual


Ratings like these will probably be used

Poor Insufficient preparation, weak organization, and incorrect information.  Lack of effort evident, rather than  low ability.  Completed at least one of the elements.
Better Shows little detail and some wrong or unclear information.  Beginnings of deductive processes in evidence.   Made a fair effort.  Completed some of the elements.
Average Considerable detail included, mostly correct and fairly well organised.  Evidence of some deductive processes.  Good effort overall.  Elements mostly completed, but opportunities for extension not grasped.
Good Has a well-organized, logical, and focussed presentation with few errors.  Evidence of good deductive processes.  Clear evidence of much hard work.  Completed most of the elements.
Excellent Shows outstanding work, rich in depth and precise detail, with a consistent, powerful presentation and few or no errors.  Evidence of excellent deductive processes, and very considerable effort throughout.  Completed all elements to a consistently high standard.