The production of a quality WebQuest can take some time to complete but there are a number of strategies which can help. Each graphic links to the appropriate page on the main WebQuest site. Additional materials are also provided to support WebQuest development  for the UK curriculum.

Plan Your WebQuest Define the Task Follow the Structure

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Use the design process defined by Bernie Dodge which sets out the steps you need to include. Note that some care should be taken with UK Based Quests to create links to the National Curriculum where ever possible. Links to the QCA Shemes of Work are particularly useful.


Describes 12 categories for describing what you ask learners to do, 11 of which can lead to higher level thinking. All WebQuests follow a clearly defined structure. Some uses of the internet stop at the point where pupils locate web resources. WebQuests require pupils to reconstruct their learning into a report or presentation of their own.

Create Your WebQuest

UK Materials

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The match with the UK National Curriculum and the need to assess subject knowledge, ICT Capability and Broader Curriculum issues means that the American structure needs some slight alteration.

WebQuest: Templates matching the UK Curriculum:

WebQuest Template .doc

Annotated Templates.exe

There are also on-line tools for creating WebQuests which you might wish to try. 
(Don't forget to let us know the address of the WebQuest so that we can add it to the Library.)

Some tools and examples can be found at: 

There are a variety of templates available for constructing WebQuests. The Link above takes you to the Web Based Template Resources.