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created by:
Mary Ann Montgomery and Anne Krutulis

Links to QCA Science  KS3  Unit 8B (Respiration)
and QCA  Science  KS3  Unit 9B (Fit and healthy)

and QCA  ICT  KS3  Unit 2 (Information and presentation)

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For centuries, man has been trying to conquer the heights.  The highest and the most challenging of these, the Himalayas, provides a daunting challenge to those bold enough to try.  Many who have tried, have failed; some have lost their lives. Many have succeeded!

A competent guide on this mountain trek needs to understand the relationships between altitude, temperature, and air pressure as they are  critical to survival. Also, he/she will need to learn about and be aware of other dangers and survival skills. What motivates the climber to personally take on this dangerous challenge and what makes a successful climb?


You have been assigned as a guide for this expedition.  You will be instructing four, experienced climbers on how to reach the summit .   By the end of this exercise, you will complete these tasks:

     1.  E-mail a climber who has experienced the Everest challenge and find out what motivated  the climber to attempt this feat.

     2.  Produce a brochure that you will use to guide and  educate your group.  Include maps, training, equipment, weather and altitude conditions.

Questions you will need to consider:

 Use the following resources to help you design your survival course:

NOVA Online | Everest | History & Culture   An excellent site, giving information on all sorts of aspects about Everest.   Details on height, with photographs of summit.    Excellent site, explaining high altitude sickness.   List of interesting sites on varying aspects of Everest and expeditions.


You will be working in groups of four and each group will design its'own Guide Brochure.

Use Microsoft Publisher to produce the brochure.

Choose one person in your group to e-mail someone who has attempted a climb of Everest to find out what motivated that person to pursue such a dangerous mission.  Include their reply in your brochure.  

Each person in the group will write a paragraph expressing his/her ideas about what personal qualities make it possible for a person to climb the highest mountain in the world.


This project will make you an ideal person to consult should anyone want to go mountaineering.