The Task


When I looked at Uncle's notes I discovered they were web site addresses. They have helped me to find out about the photos. I've started to write some of my own notes too. I want to prepare the talk that Uncle intended giving and invite him to it.


I am going to need some help as it is quite a big task. Can you help me? First we have to solve the mystery of what it is all about! Then we need to organise it.

You can send me your results if you like. I'd be really interested if you reached the same conclusions as I do. Or even if you find out more information, then I can add it on. Send them to Jane M Smith.

Here are some ideas about how you could do it:

  • Make a contents label for the box with a brief description of each item. It will need a good title. It could be done on a word processor with suitable fonts or I suppose, in beautiful handwriting. You'd need to scan that to send it to me.

  • Make notes about what you have found out about each item. As I started finding out about more photos some of the information was repeated so I just wrote down the new or extra information. I always made a note of where I found the information in case I needed to go back to it, or tell someone else.

  • Your teacher has a list of statements. It is your task to find out what years they relate to. Add them to a timeline in the classroom. Gradually you will begin to see links between the statements.

  • You might like to make a small exhibition for other people. It could be the rest of the class, perhaps to the school in an assembly - or even your parents. They would like to be able to look at the items .......... so perhaps a PowerPoint presentation even, with the pictures copied and pasted.......and any more you discover as you do the research.

I really don't know! You can do bits, or some, or masses!

It's up to you!

(and your teacher of course)


Wally the Web Whippet!

  • As I have started on my research I have found masses of extra, fascinating information. Click on 'Find Out More' and let Wally the Web Whippet help you sniff out the information. You might follow up one link, two or three, or all of them! Each will open up a mine of activites. It's worth looking.

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