You should now have discovered a great deal about all these pictures and found out how they are related. Have you found out enough to prepare that talk my Uncle was going to give? I would love to hear how you have got on.

There is one very interesting further fact! There is a famous composer connected with Malvern. He lived here, at one time, on the side of the Malvern Hills, shown on the background of this page and is buried in Malvern Wells. He wrote The Enigma Variations dedicated 'To my friends pictured within', some of whom lived locally. No doubt he made use of the springs at times. His image appears on something you might have as a birthday present if you are lucky. You will have found out that three of the pictures are connected to well known Victorians. Their images have appeared on them too. That is your final puzzle!

Here is Clue 1! Clue 2 Clue 3