The Task   

TASC Wheel

There are several tasks to be completed before you can prepare the final presentation. You will work through the tasks in Year 6 and create your presentation and write your adventure story in Year 7. None of the tasks are very difficult, but they must be done carefully and thoroughly.

You can make your own choices and decisions about which computer programs to use, and exactly what to include in your work, but if you get stuck your teacher will be there to give you some advice.

Speaking of advice it is important you click on the little coloured wheel at the top left of the page. It should help you to think things out clearly and plan your project properly before you start. You will want to re-visit the Problem Solving Wheel regularly to help you to keep your thinking on track.

Briefly, the tasks will be:

In Year 6 to:

·             Develop a table of different destinations.

·             Create a database questionnaire for the suitability of different story settings.

·             Create a spreadsheet model of the costs for your overseas research if you win the contract.

·             Plan your adventure story.

In Year 7 to:

·             Put together a presentation which will persuade ‘Penguin Publishers’ to offer you the contract.

·             Write your adventure story.

Don’t forget – this is your project and you have the opportunity to “do your own thing”. Don’t be afraid to be original, but be careful not to go over the top or you might spoil it.

It’s a good idea to get advice or an opinion before you go too far – it can save re-writing a whole lot of work. Use your teacher, your classmates or anyone else who may be able to offer an opinion about your work.