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This WebQuest has been designed as a bridging unit from Key Stage 2 to 3. Many of the tasks will be carried out in Year 6 and can be used to complete the Year 7 tasks. It is not essential for each pupil to complete all the Year 6 tasks in order to complete the Year 7 tasks. As this unit is initially used it is likely not all feeder schools will have completed this work. All year 6 work must be compiled into a portfolio which the pupils can then take on to High School.

Teachers can also tailor the tasks to suit the needs of their pupils. The amount of teacher direction, which is given throughout the WebQuest, will depend on the ability of the pupils.

Pupils’ may also choose to  complete tasks at home.


Year 6:

In Year 6 pupils will work through five different tasks.

Depending on computer access teachers may decide to group pupils with partners to complete the tasks.

Destination Table Task:      

You will need to decide what software the pupils will use to create their table.

Pupils will need to research different destinations. They can use atlases, CD Roms, the Internet etc. Some suitable websites include; (All about different countries including maps. This site opens in a new window, so you cannot use the back button.) (Look at different parts of the World, different environments including water, dry land etc.) (Look at 5 different environments and more from the BBC) (Looking at different environments) (The time anywhere in the World) (An interactive atlas used to explore the world using exciting maps and graphics) (Fun with maps, finding cool places to visit includes interactive maps, virtual environments, games and activities) (Click on 'World Atlas' and you can zoom in on any place in the World and receive information about it or you can type in an address and get a map!) (The weather around the world) (An on-line resource teaching children about different places around the world - updated termly and you can access back issues of the website) (All about rain forests) ('Mad about Mountains' - information about mountains all over the world)

Database Task:

There are several options in the task. The pupils can initially create their questionnaire and if there is time they can also carry out their survey and develop their database. Time will be the major factor as pupils work through this task.

You will need to decide what software the pupils will use to create their questionnaire. They could use Junior Pinpoint or Junior Viewpoint.

You might also like to use                                                                            This website is a free resource which allows you to create surveys and get feedback.

Spreadsheet Task:

As an alternative to Excel this task may need to be completed in the software you use at school. You may need to copy and paste the information into your software or the pupils could print off the task and set up and complete the spreadsheet themselves.

Pupils will need to carry out some research. Some useful websites are;


Story Planning Task:

To browse and search for adventure stories, a useful site is;


Year 7:

In Year 7 schools have a couple of different options.

1.    The English department could complete the WebQuest; both the story writing and the multimedia presentation. All pupils will be able to plan and write an adventure story but those pupils from feeder schools that have not worked through the Quest will be unable to develop a presentation. A solution to this problem could be for pupils to be grouped accordingly so that all pupils could contribute to the presentation.

Computer access will need to be planned.

2.    The English and ICT department work together. English can complete the story and the ICT department can work with the pupils to produce the multimedia presentation. This would relate well to the ICT curriculum and would be a suitable adaptation of Sample Teaching Unit 7.1 (‘About Me’ presentation).

Please note: The work completed at Year 6 will certainly give both English and ICT teachers a valuable insight into pupils’ capability.